AJAX supplies Australian made Tension Control Bolts (TCB's)
Manufactured to meet EN14399-10 structural steel specifications 
These bolts due to the unique method of tightening ensure that the correct tightening tension is achieved. TCB's are extremely easy to use and install, allowing ONE-HANDED installation with minimal effort. The unique tightening gun allows the operator to tighten bolts without straining and so simple even a child can install a M24 Bolt. Watch the video below to see the product being installed. With a TCB, there are no OH&S issues out on sight with erecting structural steel.

When the pin-tail (12 point) end of the bolt is snapped-off you are assured that the correct tension has been achieved.
Here is how it works:

There is also very helpful information for download.

Bolts avalaible in the following sizes:
M12 / M16 / M20 / M24 / M30
in 10.9 but also in 8.8 as required.
Manufactured to meet EN14399-10 structural steel requirements.


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