AJAX offer a complete range of state of the art structural connection wrenches. Gone are the days of heavy, vibrating and extremely noisy impact wrenches, AJAX Torque and Shear wrenches (TCB's). Offers installers a far superior OH&S alternative, that is eliminates issues seen in the field.

  • Lightweight electrical motors (avaliable in 230v & 110v)
  • Extremely quiet (85dB rated).  Impact wrenches rated to 105 - 115dB depending on capacity
  • Non-impacting, non vibrating and no kick-back
  • Quick to install compared to impact wrenches
Torque Wrenches for the use with standard structural bolts (reaction arm included)
For Installation of EN14399 HR & HV structural assemblies K1 & K2 grade
              "T" series                                             "TL" series

Shear Wrenches for use with TCB's (Tension Control Bolts)
              "S" series  

For a more complete picture of the entire range, please view the entire catalogue in the downloads section on this page.


Torque and Shear wrench range