AJAX Fasteners can trace its heritage back to 1900, when the Acme Bolt Company was established in West Melbourne, Victoria. In 1909, William McPherson used the company as the basis for establishing McPherson’s Bolt Works – adopting the brand ‘Ajax’ – and moved it to Richmond. Over the years, the company changed many times in response to industry needs to ensure that it remained the premier manufacturer of high quality fasteners in Australia

Many other names in the industry, such as Firth Cleveland, Spurway Cooke and Nettlefolds were merged or acquired into the company. McPhersons ended their 80-year ownership of Ajax in the early 90s when they sold their shares to National Consolidated, which was also a major shareholder at the time. In 1997, Ajax Fasteners moved to new purpose-built premises in Braeside, Victoria. Soon after, National Consolidated was taken over by the diversified manufacturer Austrim. The group soon acquired the iconic Nylex, and adopted the name Nylex Corporation.

In January 2007, ACME Operations Pty Ltd acquired Ajax Fasteners and continues to operate the business today from the Braeside plant. The name ACME provides a nostalgic return by the new owners to the company's heritage, when the Acme Bolt Company was founded in July 1900
Today AJAX, exports globally 
  • North America / South America
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • South East Asia
  • Korea & Japan
AJAX’s competitive advantage comes from large cold forging machines that make fasteners from M8 (5/16) diameter to M33 (1 1/4”) diameter. This includes the only M33 boltmaker in Australia. Supplementing this capability is a battery of small cold heading machines that turn out bolts and screws from M2.5 (3/32) to M8 (5/16). This provides the broadest cold forging capability of any fastener manufacturer in Australia. 

Other in-house processes, such as heat treatment, surface finishing, material preparation and wire drawing, all complement the forging machines to provide integrated manufacturing processes. This means that AJAX closely controls all processes to ensure the quality of the finished part, meets our customers stringent and expected quality.