Since the early 1930s, the AJAX Bolt Product Handbook has been the most valued source of fastener information available in Australia. The current edition - Issue 99 - contains data from the Australian standards, technical discussions and engineering information on the most common forms of bolt product used in Australian industry.

A sample of what's included in the 128+ pages can be viewed on this page

The contents includes:

  • Dimensional specifications for standard bolts
  • Mechanical properties
  • Thread specifications and terminology
  • Design conventions for general engineering bolted joints
  • Design conventions for structural bolted joints
  • Correct tensioning methods
  • Technical discussion of corrosion-protective coatings
  • Tapping drill tables
  • Hardness conversion tables
  • Technical discussion on welding fasteners
  • Units of measure conversion tables

The handbook is not reflective of the Ajax stock range, but contains information on most popular types of bolts used in Australia.

Copies of the A5 handbook can be purchased from AJAX


Sample of AJAX Fastener Handbook