Structural Blind Fastening System



ONESIDE™ is the only true structural blind fastener in the world. Most blind fastening systems use features that compromise the strength of the fastener, which means that the full load capability cannot be achieved.

ONESIDE™ can be used as a structural fastener, being capable of carrying the high clamp loads required by structural joints. This development now allows bolting directly onto hollow members such as tanks, pressure vessels, wall cavities, communication towers and closed structural sections. With three different configurations allow Engineers to optimise the design characteristics.

ONESIDE™ Can be used in both "Snug" and "Friction Grip/ Full Tension" design methods

ONESIDE™ is easy and quick to install, eliminating the need to for skilled welding to make the right connection. 
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Architects and Engineers need to consider the use of ONESIDE™ at the design stage. This will allow for increased flexibility in structure design and lead to confidence that no unforeseen problems will occur late in the assembly. The parameters for designing with ONESIDE are avaliable, please contact us for the design technical notes.

Blind Bolted Structural Systems (BBSS): using ONESIDE™
Although the ONESIDE™has great potential in Structural Engineering Applications, it's use is not covered under any National or International standard. As such NEW Technologies such as ONESIDE™. AJAX in conjunction with Industry Partners conducted an extensive research project over 12 years.

The Program developed the blind connections technologies for pure HSS contruction as well as Concrete / HSS hybrid construction. This work included a  comprehensive mathematical modelling program coupled with experimental program. The knowledge and publications from this research are detailed here.To access this information click on the BBSS image below.
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