AJAX Fasteners DOGSCREW was developed for rail track with timber sleepers back in 1998. They are more cost efficient and are easier and safer to install than the traditional dog spike. Australian made in our Melbourne factory. Unlike dog spikes, DOGSCREW can cope with tight-radius turns and high axle loads whilst still holding the gauge. This performance is courtesy of a specially-designed flange, which transfers clamp force to the rail web or sleeper plate and a unique thread profile that pulls the timber hard up underneath the rail or plate.

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The holding ability of DOGSCREW has been tested on some of Australia's toughest rail locations, and has easily out-performed other rail fastening techniques. This has led to product approvals from major rail infrastructure companies such as Queensland Rail, Westnet / John Holland  ARTC / Country rail network & Sydney trains
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Extended Sleeper Life
Timber sleepers are severely damaged by the use of dog spikes and lock spikes. This results in significant reduction in the life of the sleeper through timber rot and 'spike killing.' DOGSCREW extends sleeper life in a number of ways.

  • Fibre splitting and bending prevalent at the steel/timber interface is minimized courtesy of the special thread profile. This reduces the opportunity for moisture to rot the sleeper
  • Water penetration is prevented because the round screw shank totally seals the hole
  • Timber splitting during insertion is reduced because the lateral forces generated can be up to three times less than those caused by hammering dog spikes or lock spikes into the sleeper
  • Damage to the bottom of the sleeper is eliminated because there is no need for the hole to be drilled right through the timber.
Efficient and Safe Installation
Ajax Fasteners offers a complete package for DOGSCREW insertion and removal. Screws can be inserted using pneumatic drivers or by the Ajax Rapid Insertion Machine. The hydraulic machine is a single-operator petrol-driven device that can be pushed along a track easily. Exisitng high production equipment can be converted to suit DOGSCREW. A special extraction device has been developed to remove screws that have been damaged by derailment. Overall, the following benefits are all realized by using DOGSCREW.

  • Fewer maintenance personnel
  • Safer insertion: no dangerous hammering of spikes risking injury. especially on bridges
  • Less time to complete the job 
  • Longer time span required between maintenance


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