Blind rivets are used in a numerous applications to secure two or more components together.  Typically used in sheet type products, the rivet is easily installed with access only required from one side of the assembly. AJAX Stocks a complete range of rivets and installation tools, using the Famous AJAX brand you are assured of the quality.

From open-end rivets to high strength rivets, from general purpose to high clamp assemblies or from softer and brittle materials to thin sheet metal, rivets are available in a variety of styles / diameters and lengths. Whether you're designing aircraft, automobiles, appliances, truck trailers, overhead doors, lighting, ceilings, AJAX has the rivet for you.The range covers from standard aluminium throu to more exotic materials

With a full line of rivet tools ( hand and automated ), AJAX enables customers to develop blind riveting systems that meet their very specific requirements, from low-frequency maintenance usage through mechanized or automated mass production lines.These tools offer the quality, durability, and reliability that is expected from genuine AJAX rivet tools


Rivets Handbook