For most general engineering applications, the variable relationship between torque and tension is an acceptable method of measuring pre-load in a bolt. However, in critical bolted joints, the error in this method (+/- 25%) is too much to ensure the integrity of the assembly, and a far more accurate method is needed.

AJAX Fasteners Innovations developed the SMARTBOLT tension-sensing system to provide industry with an economical method of ensuring bolt pre-load can be set to within +/- 1% of the optimal figure.

SMARTBOLT is robust, reliable and easy to use. The technology can be fitted to existing bolts, which means that there is no need for engineering changes to the original structure or design. SMARTBOLT is reusable and provides an accuracy of +/- 3-5% on measurements taken subsequent to the initial tensioning. This allows in-place monitoring and provides a picture of how the forces are distributed within a joint.

As a diagnostic tool, SMARTBOLT has provided solutions to several complex joint problems for heavy industry. Check some of the case studies below to see how AJAX's customers have benefited from using the system.