In some critical applications, it can be better to design a fastener to suit the joint requirements rather than settle for a standard part. Every year, Ajax manufactures hundreds of thousands of bolts, nuts and screws in accordance with customers' own drawings. Cold forging technology offers cost and quality benefits over machined components, which means cheaper, cleaner product with minimal waste. Not all products can be cold forged; there are limits on diameter, length and - in some cases - complexity. Ajax's engineering department can quickly assess customer drawings to see if they are suitable to be cold forged.


Special products

  • Wheel studs and nuts / Guard rail bolts & Nuts
  • Petro-chemical studs

Special Features

Ajax has licences to manufacture several special features that have delivered cost efficiencies to our customers. They include:

  • Taptite® and Plastite® thread rolling screws including Corflex® technology
  • MAThread® and MATpoint® anti-cross threading point design

Because Ajax has licences for these parts, the expertise of the companies that developed them is available to customers. This is a benefit that cannot be realised if imitations are used.